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I've seen that sort of post in varous groups through the years, and they always make me laugh because ov eht pure peevishness. "I don't like what some of you say so I'm not going to share my toys with *any* of you EVER again!!"
My thought is always, "So freakin' what? - I've *somehow* =:-/ managed to live for 50 years without hearing anything out of that individual, so why does he or she seem to think I (or anyone else) would or "should" feel all deproved and sorry and so on because someone says "I don't wan to play with you, so there!"
IMO, all such people end up doing ios, cutting off their own noses to spite their own faces, so to speak. It's *their* loss - esp. since, is somoeone is that dang peevish and hypersensitive, why would I *want* to bother knowing them? Like, woo-hoo!, they can try to "make" me feel guilty! Yeah, what a picnic =>:-p

More like, try to make everyone else kiss up to their hypersensitivities. I totally beleive in being civil, and and treating folks decently, but I'm not about to throw myself upon some sacrificial pyre just to accomidate hypersensitivities.

Personally, I think some things are in bad taste, and avoid them. OTOH, if someone else writes something that IMO is in bad taste, I *choose* whetehr or not to read it and/or comment. I might say, "That IMO is in bad taste". But it's in no way my place (or desire) to try to tell the rest of the world how to speak, think, dress, live, ro anything else. Withing reason, of course - if anyone tries to harm me, I will do my best to make them realize the error of their ways. But that's hugely different from getting my britches in an uproar because someone uses colloquialisms or slang that I personal wouldn't and don't.
Plus, those words don't define a person - we all have certain traits, habits, and so on, that annoy others, but that does not mean that one should merely be dismissed - some of the people with whom I *most* enjoy communicating are people who are quite different from me. To try to change them would also usually mean eliminating their original thoughts and the other things I like about them. IOW, in any relationship, even the very casual ones, you either learn to take the good with the annoying, or you go get yourself hermetically sealed in plastic...

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