What's best vacuum for pet hairs on hardwood and carpet?

Last year I ended up buying a Hoover Linx cordless stick vac and the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser hand vac, as I was so frustrated with our old Miele White Star. Both are decent for day-to-day touch-ups, but my Miele has now totally bitten the dust and I need to buy a new vac this week.
As much as I'd prefer an upright vac, I use my hose and attachments all the time to vacuum my very textured adobe walls, furniture, crevices, lampshades, etc., etc.
I've spent a lot of time this morning searching ConsumerReports and Get Cleaning Done. But, every time I check out the customer reviews there are always complaints that the rollers still get bound up with hair and have to be continually cut off. Or that the vacuums are falling apart! I found one that seemed to work well . . . as long as you got down on your hands and knees and used an attachment to get it up. I've been doing that for years with my Miele White Star and am so done with that! For a vacuum that expensive (back then it was close to $500), shame on them!
Is there a vacuum out there that actually really works with pet hair on rugs and hardwood/non-carpeted floors?????? I need recommendations and ones NOT to buy quickly, please. Help!
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