Neighbours cooker extractor fan vents into my garden

Our next door neighbour had problems with damp in her house she had extensive work done including thee large air bricks put in the front property all adding to her mortgage. After this was completed she then knocked on my door and said her kitchen was very wet through condensation. She asked me would i mind having ventilation hole drilled through her brick extension wall into our patio area. This hole would be nine foot above the ground on our side overlooking our patio and four foot away from our back door.
. I think it was mentioned that an extractor pipe would run from the wall our side and upwards.
An extractor cooker hood flexi kit was installed. My wife and i didn't feel there was a problem. However, we began to spend more time in the garden we nearly own our house and enjoy it more now we're in our sixties. We gradually became aware of the strong smell of cooking blowing around our patio from this extractor venting fumes everywhere and the noise it made when it was in use.
It began to become an irritant after a year and since thenI've been meaning to talk to the couple about it but we rarely see them.
My questions is what can i do about it now. I've thought of unscrewing their outlet from our side of the wall and replacing it with a cowled outlet (see pic)but screw it in upside down so the fumes vent upwards. Would that do the trick? There is a flap inside which i assume shuts closed when the cooker is not used but the fumes force it open. However, if i screw this in upside down the flap inside stays open. What would you suggest, any idears?
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