San Yang Pai Hood Bulb

San Yang Pai Hood Bulb full size image
San Yang Pai Hood Bulb full size image
We have a San Yang Pai CY-968 range hood in our home. It was there when we bought it and is apparently more of a professional level hood? Anyway, the light bulb burned out soon after we moved in and so I went out and replaced it, but the bulb burned out soon afterwards. The problem seems to be that regular light bulbs can't handle the heat and vibration so it needs an appliance bulb.
The problem is that the opening for the bulb will not accommodate a standard appliance bulb. See photos. The base needed is a standard size bulb base, but the opening will only accommodate a long cylindrical type bulb. So far, I've found appliance light bulbs with the regular base, but they are "standard shape" bulbs and are too wide. I've found some smaller cylindrical appliance bulbs (mostly for microwaves) but they have smaller bases.
I've not been able to find anything like this or even much about the hood itself other than that it seems to be one used more for small commercial use? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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