Jenn-Air Fridge Water Dispenser Has Delay Start

*Fridge Model:* Jenn-Air model #JFFCC72EFP.
*Summary of Issue:* We got the fridge in December 2018. Almost immediately, we started to experience the issue - when the water dispenser lever is pressed, there is a significant delay before water is actually dispensed (initially it was about 3-4 seconds, and over time it climbed to well over a minute before we gave up). After 3 service calls in 2 months to no avail, we exchanged the fridge for a replacement (same model). We've had the 2nd fridge for about 2 months now, and it's experiencing the same issue which is gradually getting worse. It's worth noting that a co-worker has the same fridge, and never experienced any issue. This makes me think it may have something to do with our set-up, rather than the fridge itself.
*Relevant observations:*
-If we "untwist" the water filter, and then twist it back in, the water dispenses immediately upon request (and then the delay gradually builds up again over time). It is quite difficult to "untwist" after a period of water dispensing (whereas it's quite easy to "untwist" right after putting the filter in), so it makes me think this has something to do with a pressure build-up.
Because the "untwist" trick prompts the immediate dispensing of water, I don't think there is a freeze issue with the water line (also, if it matters, the temperature of the water when dispensed is chilled, but not super cold).
-When the filter is removed, no issue with dispensing.
-The longer the time between uses (e.g., overnight), the longer the delay.
-There is no kink in the water line. The water line itself is about 6 ft.
-We've tried adjust the water outlet valve to varying levels of water pressure - this doesn't seem to have much effect, other than to weaken the flow of water.
-The ice machine is working perfectly.
-When the water actually dispenses, it's a strong, consistent flow.
Any advice would be very appreciated!
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