cover removal for Maytag DE410 Dryer

Re: cover removal for Maytag DE410 Dryer full size image
Re: cover removal for Maytag DE410 Dryer full size image
Are you talking about the sides and the back? This is the cabinet, it won't come off, all other parts are mounted <strong>to</strong> it. Did you get the front panel off? It's held by two screws on the bottom and two clips ontop. Unplug the power cord. Then remove the two bottom screws and pull on the bottom of the front panel toward you until the clips ontop disengage. Disconnect the door sensor wires and set the front panel aside.
 That will get you access to the drum shroud that's held by four front-facing screws. Remove the shroud and you should be able to see the belt, the pulleys and the roller supports on the back. The rollers may be worn out and the drum is not resting on them properly or there may be some debris in there.
Anyway, once you get a better view of the mechanism <strong>through the front</strong>, you may be able to determine what happened visually. See if the schematics from the manual attached below help in taking it apart.
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How do I remove the sheet metal cover for a Maytag model DE410. It appears the drum is stuck, but
the belt is intact. I press the start button, the drum trys to turn, then the buzzer goes off. I cannot determine how to get the cover off.
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