Ceiling Fan Canopy won't come off

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I'm replacing an old, outdated ceiling fan from 1987. It was here when we bought the house 6 years ago. On the canopy, there are no screws; but there are 2 what look like bolts sticking out. The canopy looks like it should twist and come down, but I can't get it to twist, like at all. I've tried wiggling, pushing pulling... the ball thingy does push up, but I can't get the canopy to move. Can anyone help?

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I'd try those 2 "bolts" sticking out. There's usually 3 "bolts" (thumbscrews) to secure the canopy, but 2 would be sufficient depending on the design and they should only be sticking out for a or that actual reason. Plus, I haven't run into any fixtures that old that had screw-off anything...beyond the bulbs.

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After finally seeing the pictures (sorry for the mixup with upload, just found them) - yes, those are the two thumbscrews you'd need loosened and the canopy needs to rotate so they align with the larger opening. The canopy may be glued on by paint, happens sometimes if painters are in a hurry to put light back after painting the ceiling. So, you may need some kind of a good leverage and a good grip to rotate it.

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