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trying to put up.a ceiling fan..only copper and black wires from ceiling...what do I do withe the white neutral wire from the fan
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Just don't connect it. Or, I've heard of people connecting it to the copper (ground) wire too, along with the fan's ground/green (I don't recommend it). Not connecting it, means you won't get full Circuit Breaker protection...but it wasn't ever there before anyway. Not proper, but not illegal. - Connecting it to the copper/ground wire means you can get full Circuit Breaker protection, but now create a fire and shock hazard/guarantee, since the copper is un-insulated that can Arc or Short most anywhere. VERY BAD! - Your final option is to find the white wire at the switch or outlet that the power's being supplied from and run a white wire to the fan. If that isn't found, then you'll need to run a white wire all of the way back to the Electric Panel. Meaning, you and future occupants would be best served by hiring an Electrician to re-wire that circuit.
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