Ceiling Fan light kit issue

A mandatory warning: working with electric wires is dangerous and can kill, so we always advise to get a help of a licensed electrician.
So, you disconnected the fan's blue from the black, and switched it over the the light's blue? The fan's blue wire is usually connected to the light's blue wire and that's how the light is controlled by the fan's remote control. From your description it appears you've done everything right as far as wiring is concerned. Are there proper bulbs in the light fixture?
You did not describe what you did with the ground wire, and that concerns me - there may be an issue with the internal wiring - for example neutral (white) wire has a voltage between it and the ground, and it might have sparked between it and the metal of the fan or the fixture. That would make it dangerous to work on this install on your own. I would advise to get a professional to look at it at this point.
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I just purchased a new ceiling fan with light kit to replace a ceiling fan that didn't have a light. This is an old house so the wiring is just black and white, no red. The instructions with the fan said to attached black and blue wire from the fan to black, white wire to white. Fan is working fine off the switch. I then installed the light kit which had a blue wire and white wire both with connectors. I attached blue to blue, white to white and when I flipped the switch I heard a pop. None of the lights came on but the fan is still working. The breaker did not trip. I am looking for ideas on what happened. Did I do something wrong? Could it be a bad light kit and should I just return to store?
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