Ok, I have a 36k Goodman heat pump with a dual run cap.

One capacitor is for the fan motor and the other is fir the compressor. Assume you have a large and small capacitor you would put a jumper wire from one terminal of the large capacitor to one terminal of the small capacitor. This would be the common terminal and also you would put the line wire that was on the common terminal of the dual capacitor on this connection. The compressor wire from the dual capacitor (comp) would go on the other side of the big capacitor, the fan wire from the dual capacitor (fan) would go to the other side of the small capacitor. Fan capacitors are usually 5mfd, 7.5mfd or 10mfd. make sure the sizes of the new capacitors match the mfd of the dual capacitor, plus or minus 10%. Also make sure the voltage rating is ok: 370vac or 440vac. You can use 440vac capacitors to replace a 370vac capacitor, however do not replace a 440vac with a 370vac capacitor.
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