Woodworking clubs and information exchange

This may seem like spam but it really isn't. I belong to the cincinnati woodworking club and we video tape our meetings and demonstrations. At our last meeting on Sat. Jan 14 one of the members had transfered some of the tape to a dvd and played some of it before the meeting started. The result looked good and the dvd was given to put into our video library for members to check out to watch. Being the nieve dummy that I am I asked "I wonder if other clubs tape their meetings and would they like to trade the information? I know that many computer clubs do this." The president said I don't know but that is a good idea. You (meaning me) can be in charge of finding out. So here I am writing to the group. I am sure that at least some of the members on this site are also members of some club that has to do with woodworking. Therefore I ask the group have I come up with a dumb idea or are there clubs that would be interested in the exchange of meeting demonstrations along with the questions and answers that occur. I am sorry if this is a long post but I thank you for reading it. If anyone doesn't want to post to the group but would like to post to me the e-mail is larryhab(at)fuse(dot)net. Thank you for your attention. Larry
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