Wolfcraft 4250 4205 dovetail jig beware

I just want to post a note as a warning to anyone considering buying this jig in North America. It has a flaw which makes it impossible to cut proper blind dovetails. I believe the 4250 is a rebadged version of the 4205 European model. The hardware look identical, other than one is drill powered and one is router powered. BOTH are metric and this is the reason the 4250 is a failure. The instructions say to use a half (1/2") inch dovetail bit. If one follows the directions you end up with a very loose dovetail joint...useless. After combing the Wolfcraft site in Europe it is apparent that you need to use a 12.3mm or 12mm (I'm still unclear about which because they tell you two different things) dovetail bit for this jig to work properly. If you convert half an inch to metric you get 12.7 mm hence the reason this jig overcuts it's pins and tails, read -- it is anywhere from .6 to 1.4 mm out. Anyone else have similar experience. I bought this jig at Home Depot and they don't stock the bit Wolfcraft says will work either, big surprise, and hardware guy as Home Deport was of no help, another big surprise. And good luck finding a metric bit in North America. As soon as I find the box it's going back.
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