What bandsaw blades?

I am getting a new bandsaw with a 2 horse motor. I know very little about
the ins and outs of bandsaw blades and the type of cutting they do best. The
saw will handle from 1/8 inch to 1 inch in width. What type of blades should
I have? I will be doing some resawing and I will also want to cut some thin
veniers from certain woods. I of course will be using it for basic cuts as
Any insight that keeps me from ruining good blades, wood or throwing away
money would be helpful
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Eric Olsen
Check out Suffolk Machinery's web site at:
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make the highly recommended "Timberwolf" blades. They have some very good information on bandsaws and blades on their web site. Pay special attention to "Important - Did You Know", "The Six Rules Of Sawing" and "Troubleshooting" on the left side of the screen.
-- Jack Novak Buffalo, NY - USA
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Check out Suffolk machine and ask them for what will suit your needs. In general, three blades will do most of what you need. A resaw blade, a 1/4" blade for most cutting and gentle curves, a 1/8" blade for more intricate work with a tighter radius.
The folks at Suffolk have good prices, will know what works best for your saw and can recommend blades best suited for your work. Get a set of Cool Blocks, take time to set up the saw properly, and get a Quick Crank for setting/relieving blade tension.
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your new tool! Ed
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Edwin Pawlowski
Get a copy of Mark Duginske's "Bandsaw Handbook." It has a ton of information about setting up and using a bandsaw, including advice on how to choose the proper blades for the different sawing tasks.
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john carlson

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