Was OT - Why does Astraweb ping the speaker?

Sorry for not being able to respond to all of the input. Life keeps getting in the way.
As for how I use Outlook Express to read the groups, I click on one group at a time and only read those posts. After the first batch of messages have been looked at, I'll click on "Get Next xxx Headers" under "Tools" to view the remaining ones, if any.
I tried turning off the "Play sound when new message arrives" without any success. So, for now, I'll just mute my speakers. Aside from it being annoying, I was really curious to learn why it was doing it. I had thought along the lines of it indicating new messages, but wasn't entirely sure if that was true or not. That's why I e-mailed Astraweb for support.
With regard to TV volume issue that was mentioned, I agree that there should have been something done about it long ago. I often find myself being woken up out of a sound sleep on the couch, after having faded to black while trying to watch TV, by one of the numerous infomercials at full volume. Then I know that it time to wake up a go to bed. Or least try to at that point.
Thanks again for your replies.
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