Table Saw

In your price range there are a number of 'quality' candidates. "Contractor" saws by Delta, Powermatic, DeWalt, General The _new_ Craftsman top-of-the-line "cabinet like" saws There's a "Hybrid" by Jet Grizzly has several models in your range, including a true cabinet saw that is "just below" the top end
There are a number of technical differences in the construction of a 'cabinet' saw, vs a "contractor" -- functionally, they boil down to the following: 1) the cabinet saw is somewhat easier to tweak for optimum performance You can get very similar results with a contractor saw, you just have to "work harder" to get the optimum set-up -- and it may fall 'out of alignment' quicker than a cabinet saw will. 2) the contractor saw is a 'box on legs', while a cabinet saw has a fully- enclosed base. EITHER ONE can be put on wheels, to move around, for about the same cost. The enclosed cabinet does a better job of containing the "mess" that any saw makes -- doesn't totally eliminate the mess, but contains a _lot_ of it. Corollary: if you _don't_ have a "dust collector" system you have to do "something" about cleaning out the innards of a cabinet saw, on a fairly regular basis. The contractor saw (mostly) just dumps stuff on the floor, where it's easier to deal with. 3) The cabinet saws are heavier. which translates to somewhat smoother cutting. Good "contractor' saws are usually 'heavy enough' that the difference is not significant for the casual user.
"Hybrid" saws have some of the features of a 'cabinet' saw, and some of a 'contractor'.
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