slightly on topic - Craftsman #8605 hedge shears

On topic because they're old enough (30+ years?) to have wood handles
and trimming hedges is working with "wood", just on a different scale
My better half was out trimming some flowering bushes and brought the
shears to me when they "came apart". I'm almost certain the shears
had a "finger" washer that provided tension on the blades and served
as a lock washer as there's a circle worn in the blade that's a little
more than 1/8" larger in diameter than the nut. I used the small
metal detector (usually used to find dropped hardware in grass) to
search where she'd been working but the only "hit" was part of a metal
foil candy wrapper :-(
Anyone have a source for parts that old? Sears Parts online has
nothing; not even a diagram or parts list. Searches for "Craftsman
8605 hedge shears" and similar do find some on Ebay but new Fiskars in
the same size and with a similar compound cutting action are lighter
and cheaper ($27 at HD).
The better half got the new Fiskars to finish what she'd been working
on but I'd like to get the old shears operational just to have a
backup and maybe be able to tell the grandkids "They just don't make
things like they used to" ;-)
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Finding the Sears part is unlikely--since the tax code was changed to discourage stocking spare parts dating back to the beginning of time (that wasn't the intent of the tax code, it was an unintended consequence) such inventories have evaporated.
Try McMaster-Carr--they almost certainly have a washer that will do the job. A couple of other sources are Grainger and Fastenal.
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J. Clarke
On Wed, 20 May 2020 01:43:31 -0400, Clare Snyder wrote:
Thanks for the description - I don't remember the exact shape of the washer and I didn't find even a small piece of it to use for comparison. This would be much easier to get right if I had even a quarter of the circle :-(
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