Recomendations for an Inexpesive Sand Blasting System ???

This will be a fairly sporadic, light duty service. I will mainly be doing smallish metal parts that have been neglected over the years. Many things can be handled with a wire brush and some sweat, but I anticipate a few items that really do need to be blasted for paint removal and whatever reason.
I have a 33 gallon Craftsman oil less compressor that was given to me. It seems to work ok the last time I used it. It is 110v on a 20a circuit and never trips the breaker. When it dies I will upgrade to a bigger system. I don't remember the cfm on the unit, and it is several hundred miles away at the moment.
I have looked at the HF blasting systems a couple of times. I bought their cheapest system, a vacuum unit, a few years ago for some very light work. I was not thrilled with it, but managed to use it to get the job done.
I would appreciate any recommendations of things to look for. Outside of my use of the HF vacuum system, I have zero experience with sand blasting. I don't want to spend a ton of money, but don't want to have to fight it every time I need to use it either.
Much obliged,
Roy Parker
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