Re Tool ID and pulley question

The item in photo 69 looks like it could have been made to wrap a wire around a dowel or another wire (possibly to make barbed wire). The "hooked" ends would hold the "wrapping wire" while the tool was rotated in a clockwise (in the pictures) fashion around the object - wire or dowel- being wrapped..
The corn shuck pully seems as if it was design so a rope could run though the eye (possibly guided by the "corn shuck"tang) to act as a break for the line running over the pully when the rope through the eye was pulled, levering the other end into the rope running over the pully wheel. Note also that the non-eyelet end of the articulating piece seems to be indented to match a rope run over the pully wheel.. I also seems likely that the rope running OVER the pully wheel (as opposed to through the pully, note the open side) could be or needed to be removed with ease. If not then the pully would have a second face to provide additional support to the pully wheel.
Just my 1 1/2 cents worth. Good luck finding out.
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