It looks like I have some Very Rare Wrenches.

I'm referring to my set of "Fukung" (brand name) offset box wrenches, which I bought around 1970 at K-Mart. Those made in China (or Taiwan) wrenches have lasted me about 45 years and are top quality. After all those years, I decided to google that brand on the web yesterday and found they are rare indeed. Yes, that is really the brand name, and it's rather funny. See the link below to view a photo of some of them. 4741
While searching, I also found the "Fukung Hardware Company" That does NOT appear to be the same company, since it was founded in 1978 (long after I bought those wrenches). And the hardware company makes bolts, and some very unusual type bolts too. (See their "products" link in the URL below).
I know the year when I bought these wrenches, because that was the same time I got my first car, and began working on it. Although I had carpentry tools, I lacked auto repair tools, so I bought these wrenches, while shopping at K-Mart for spark plugs, oil, filters, and so on, for the car. I recall getting a laugh about the brand name back then, and I still get a laugh when I show them to other guys. Either these foreigners had a sense of humor, or never realized what word it resembles in English.
Most guys dont believe me when I tell them the name on these wrenches until I show them the tools.
I did not find much on the web as far as buying them (none on Ebay) or much else. I guess they really are rare.....
Would someome hand me a FUKUNG Wrench! :)
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