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So, tell me, Peter, is being a practicing evangelical (read: those who try to convert others and act all holier-than-thou and judgemental) sufficient grounds for kookdom, or are more blatant behaviors required? I'm not, of course, referring to those that keep to themselves, but the types that stand out on the street corner and ask if I know Jesus[1] and try to force fliers on me.[2]
[1] "Why, Yes, I do. He just immigrated here from Mexico and stands at the corner of Kanan and Agoura looking for work."
[2] I swear, I was in a parking lot in Westlake Village a while ago, and some doofus had put fliers under windshields warning about earthquakes and other prophetic things. Just a waste of paper...[3]
[3] OK, I'm done ranting.
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