Re: kevlar gloves with a bandsaw?

You're joking, right? These gloves are designed to keep you from getting hurt from things like metal flashing - like a big paper cut, and from incidental cuts on unfinished metal in an industrial setting. If you hit your hand with a hammer while wearing them, you won't damage the glove, but you will damage your hand as much as if you weren't wearing them. Have you considered the impact speed of a saw blade tooth of any type going who knows how fast? Also, wearing gloves while using on a lathe are an invitation to disaster. Save the gloves for when you hand-sharpen the lawn mower blades. Geeez.
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i ave a pair of kevlar gloves that are supposedly cut proof. i know you cant use them on a table saw because if they catch...; but on a band saw catching doesn't seem like it would be all that dangerous, it would just jam in the throat plate. Anyone use them?
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