Re: If you are using OE6, there is a quick and dirty way

to get rid of most of the crap. Just highlight the first insane thread, hold down the shift key, highlight the last thread, do an edit>delete (or ctrl d - but wasn't sure that was working).
You can go down a couple screenfuls that way pretty fast. Just be careful not to delete a good message sandwiched in between the garbage.
Now I see they have published what is purported to be Dave's personal info. I don't think they have taken effect now, but there are internet harassment laws. This would be considered harassment. Report it to your local police. They prob won't do anything, especially if the turdheads are in a foreign country, but sooner or later there will be more protection for people against these morons.
It's a New Zealand website, but it talks about legislative trends:
There's another interesting one, can't remember the case, but don't want to repeat the details of it here.
This also falls under the purview of the FBI if you live in the US.
Something to think about.

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