Re: HVLP Technique discussion, with lacquer, oil enamel, latex

Hi Jerry,
You only have the thin the latex 20 - 30% with water. This is too get it thin enough to spray. This will not give you fine atomized particles which seems to be what you're expecting. If you were spraying lacquer, it would because you'd have the product much thinner.
Then you need to add Floetrol which is only added to slow down the drying time to allow the paint to level.
Try removing the Air Control Valve completely as this does restrict the air somewhat.
Adjust the spray fan to be a medium size (6 - 8") rather than a large pattern. This will allow the air to work on a smaller pattern.
Adjust the amount of paint to be less so once again, the air will be able to atomize it ok.
Don't hold the gun more than 8" away.
Spray a wet coat.
That's it!
There are better products to spray than Latex House Paint as I'm sure you're aware.
Good luck!
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