Purchasing Planes - Bulk discounts?

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My goal is to acquire a complete enough set of hand tools that I can work in a shop environment without having to constantly be running around looking for a chisel. Plus, I feel that having my own set wil make me work better and more efficiently as I'll definitely keep my own tools in the proper working order. Lastly, if I were hiring I'd be more likely to go with the guy toting a nice set of well cared for tools than one without. (All else equal.)
I feel pretty strongly that I'm going to be doing this for quite a while, so I'm just trying to give myself the best chance at success.

That sounds like a good idea. I was at an auction this past weekend, but I didn't see any planes. I'll keep looking.

I should have mentioned that I've already got the LV low-angle block. It's a great plane, but it sure isn't made for end grain! With regard to going with one manufacturer, I was thinking that it might be easier to get better pricing on the lot if I bought in "bulk". Perhaps a dealer that carries multiple lines might be the way to go. Any dual LN - LV distributors out there?

I love it. I spent about 3 hours with it right out of the box (after giving it a test drive as supplied by Lee Valley). After making a whole bunch of black water, it made such pretty little diaphanous shavings that I spent another 3 hours just whittlin' wood!

And would they even fit?! I just want to have a sharp spare always available. Sorta like an extrap propane tank for the b.b.q. Less interruption of work if your doing a bunch of planing.

LOL. You don't know what kind of discount I'm anticipating!!! What would you consider an everyday clunker?

Interesting. I use one with relative frequency it seems.

You're right. I don't even know what the hell they're used for!

That's what I meant. <smirk>

I've heard great things about the LV. Why would I want a #80 as well as the #112?

Something to clean tenons, grooves, housings, etc...

That's good to know. Could I "get by" without a jointer plane? Assuming I won't be going totally neander anywhere, what if I just used a #5 to put a clean edge on machine jointed boards?
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