Progress on the Entertainment Canter and True Position Drill Guide

Two birds with one stone here. I use the True Position Drill Guide this morning to place knobs on 3, 37" long drawer fronts. Nothing really dazzling except that the hole alignment was dead on on both ends of the boards. This pic shows the 3 drawer fronts stacked together and the holes aligning perfectly. It looked this way on the other end too. Alignment for hole placement was next to effortless.
I am showing again the way I prefer to hang drawer fronts on to the existing premounted drawers. I am sure some one else has done it this way but I just thought I would share once again. This is almost effortless.
I have seen many in the trades use the old method that I used, put 4 screws into the drawer front from the inside and let the points of the screws stick out just enough to make an impression on the back side of the false drawer front. And then tap the false drawer front into the points of the screws. Open the drawer, screw the screws a bit farther, realign the false front with the screws at the impressions and drive the screws home. Not any fun at all.
So what I try to do now is drill the holes for the pulls first. This takes some fore thought in knowing where the handles/ knobs will go and what size.
Drill the holes for the pulls in the false fronts in the desired locations and then simply use those holes to snugly attach the front to the drawer with pocket hole screws to the drawer in the correct location. Open the drawer and place the permanent screws. Remove the screws in the pull holes and attach the pulls.
Note that I used a spacer on the bottom to properly place the bottom drawer front from the bottom of the cabinet.
Second drawer front in place and a shot of the shims used to place/space the second drawer front and the third drawer front.
The results
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