Progress On The Cypress Chairs

Working on the captain's chairs' arms. At first, the front posts were str aight up & down and they mated with the arm rests too far to the inside edg e .... that looked awkward. I angled the posts to the outside.... that lo oks better, but the inside edge of the arms, still, tend to be too narrow, 20" wide. I may trim the inside edges a bit more. Another option is to make new arms, rather than try to modify these arms.
I had trouble carving the armrests' back joint, mating to the backrest post /style. That back style is angled in 2 directions. The arms' cardboard t emplate didn't help with the configuring/carving of those mating angles, as much as I initially thought. The carving of the joints amounted to a hit -or-miss exercise. As is, the front of the arms seem a little pinched in, to the inside. I think I would like the inside edges, at the front of the seat, to be a bit more spread out, wider, but I don't want the whole of th e arms to be too wide and/or wide looking.
Each chair is, essentially, custom made, as the boards/stock are not all th e same dimensions, for the individual parts. I'm having to design/modify as I go, so it's a learning process, as well.
Another design element I think I'll have to deal with - the chairs are heav ier than "normal". The arms will need super, beefed-up attaching/securing to the posts and seat, to some extent, as someone will eventually try to l ift the chair by the arms. As is, the arms probably won't support, suffic iently, multiple liftings, as that. Arm post attachment, to the seat, is mortise & tenon, and will likely add to this securement.
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