Powr-Kraft Table Saw Assembly Instructions

Greetings. I acquired a Montgomery Wards Powr-Kraft table saw (TMC-3331A serial # 65X) that's probably about 40-50 years old. The motor and bracket were not attached when I got it. The bracket is 1/2" steel with right angles on each end with the end pieces being about 4" long each. One end has a flange attached to it that appears to be made to fit onto/around some other part. The main part of the bracket that holds the motor mounts has a bend on it. This bend presumably is an attempt to keep the belt more or less aligned as the arbor assembly is tilted for cutting at various angles. The width of the bracket just happens to be exactly the same as the width of the bottom, rear screw holes that attach the saw to the stand. Those two screws were loose. Can anyone please tell me just what the bracket is supposed to attach to? It seems like the belt is way too twisted when at about 30 degrees or more and, even if it does stay on the pulleys, it would probably wear out quickly. If I was going to design a belt-driven table saw I would make it so the motor bracket is attached to the arbor assembly so the belt would stay aligned throughout the various settings but I sure don't see any other place to attach the bracket.
It is very similar to this saw except the largest blade it can take is 8". http://www.owwm.com/photoindex/detail.aspx?id 55
With the motor attached the only way I could see to do it it ripped right through 1" oak no problem and it's nice and smooth and quiet.
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