On-Topic But Potentially Questionable Content?

Forgive me if this is inappropriate... I don't think it is, but some folks are sensitive to anything that looks like a sales pitch and rightfully so... Most folks here have been watching as I learn about and design around information I receive from the "experts" here and in two other forums this is being posted to.
I've got my first real fruit from those efforts now. Sort of...
We are in the process of making and thus offering much heaver designs of our multiple spindle heads... ER32+ spindles for 20mm (.787") or smaller tool shanks. Maybe even for ER40 for 26mm (1.024"). I'm even playing with an ER50 design but I'm not sure if I want to cross that bridge just yet... All I've learned about these larger collets has come from usenet forums and web sites I was sent to, etc.
So... the pseudo-sales pitch: If someone has an application for multiple holes with a spacing that allows us to use ER32 or larger spindles and would like a shot at sorta beta testing one of these new devices, I'm willing to part with one at a greatly reduced price simply to get one in the field and running under load, etc. By greatly reduced I mean same price as our smaller heads which is probably 50-85% lower than what we will eventually charge for these.
This all comes out of me having a very simple problem... We make the devices. However, we don't do any heavy duty or production drilling ourselves. We only sell the tools to do so. Thus, we can build 'em and spin 'em and basically test 'em but nobody has ever run one of these new ones drilling a bunch of real heavy holes under lots of thrust at RPM, etc. I really don't feel like setting up a drilling station and paying an employee to run tens of thousands of holes in my shop so...
Maybe you need to drill two or more "big" holes in a repeatable pattern but couldn't afford a heavy enough multiple spindle head before? Let's talk and see if we can make a deal... I'm only going to sell to one customer like this and then wait for it to be field tested for a while before releasing them in the wild to everyone else.
For those in the wood or crossover industries, I'm guessing that the largest tooling you use is morse taper based or specialized. I can't accommodate everything, but we can talk and see what can be done. Special spindles can be made within reason and wood processes can go larger than the actual tool shank sizes.
Give me a call. E-mail me direct. Reply here. Whatever works best for you.
Regards, Joe Agro, Jr. (800) 871-5022 01.908.542.0244 Automatic / Pneumatic Drills: http://www.AutoDrill.com Multiple Spindle Drills: http://www.Multi-Drill.com
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