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The bill is relative to what I charge for a piece. But for instance on the desk project and the pantry last year when we make the piece for our selves we typically are still spending less than what you would pay at a furniture store. Being in a new and considerably larger home we need the furniture so that pill is easier to swallow.. An added bonus, every potential customer that has seen our bedroom and the pantry have ordered from me. I think that when they can touch and feel as well as see pictures that sets the hook. :-)
Lumber is relatively expensive but we have a pretty good variety and number of locations to buy wood. I can think of 6 places off the top of my head that I can buy a variety of S2S and better hard woods. We pay a premium, compared to some places, for walnut and cherry. Imports are probably on par with other locations. The oaks, maple, and poplar are probably the least expensive hardwoods. I am paying $3.50 per LF for 1x8 S4S white oak. That particular size is the least expensive.. Oddly 1x6 is about $3.35 per LF IIRC. I can get white oak in S2S for $2.99 per BF, a decent savings however I find that it comes in relatively narrow pieces, 4~6 inches wide, and the waste is greater in those narrower sizes. For the sake of saving time and cutting down on waste I have been using S4S more often than not in the past few years. All of S2S has to go through the planer as it is thicker than 3/4". Walnut can easily be double the oak prices and cherry can be triple. A few years ago Swingman and I picked some walnut fence posts for a little of nothing in Arkansas. IIRC a dozen or so for less than $100, almost cheaper than cheap PT fence posts.
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