NY Already, WT*?? I'm still fixin' to get ready to get used to 1990...

Folks -
2005. Jesus! Well, in counting my blessings, I'm glad I still can do so in sets of 10, without taking off my slippers... I'm *SO* thankful for SWMBO - I am one HECK of a lucky guy! The new sho...patio is wunnerful, darker than a catacomb in the evenings and cold as a meat locker, but wunnerful! We're already starting to be able to take deeper breaths with things and have a bit of room to work, and that makes all of the difference...
Special props first to Al Miller, a kind, generous and knowlageable rec'r of the first order. Al was my Oracle when we did all of the concrete work and poured the foundation slab... Boy-oh-boy! Thanks to all of you that've responded with your often insightful remarks - Patriarch, Bridger, Mark & Juanita, Unisaw, Tom.... all of you!
I am looking forward to a visit from Patriarch in the weeks ahead - he'll be in for a surprise... on the internet, no one knows I'm a dog. Now if I can just get OE to let me see the pics I'm posting in APBW...
Happy New Year to all!
John Moorhead
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