New way to filter spam

I thought of this as I was click-and-dragging all of the spam headers for deletion. Here's a quick and easy manual way to delete spam:
Just delete everything that doesn't have "re:something" in the title. 95% of the posts will disappear and what you'll have left is content worth reading, unless the subect is "re:OT something" which you can easily delete in your second pass. Voila, read away.
Oh, I know. You think you've spotted a flaw in my plan. What, you say, if it's the original post of worthwhile content. That won't have a "re:" prefacing the "something" in the title.
Big deal, I say. With all the bottom posters here who don't trim content, you'll get to read the original post anyway. The only minor problem is any replies you might want to make to the OP won't fall in the right place. Of course, if you don't trim content, it won't matter anyway.
Now if there was just some way to edit out the lyrics to obscure songs I've never heard of making me feel completely clueless and out of it. Which is not to say...

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