micrometer adjustment for Unisaw

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Try it. Cut a piece of wood, measure it to the thousandth, move the micro adjuster 0.005" and cut again at the same feed rate. Now measure again. It should be 0.005" narrower than it was before the second cut. It's the linear measurements which are usually off. (A fence says it's exactly 10" and you measure the cutoff piece at 10.026" or 9.079", etc.)

Screw the wobble. That blade will be at a certain place every time you turn on the machine. We're making relative measurements, not exact. ("We" being those who use micro-adjusters.) Micro adjusters are useful for taking off that skosh (or the proverbial RCH) when you need it.

Of course it will, but the -fit- between the two will be precise. That's what we're after.
I don't have a micrometer fence yet but I'll tell you when I do. By microadjustable, I mean anything from a threaded rod (which you can calibrate) to a micrometer. That beats a "bump with a fist on the side of the fence" all to hell, doesn't it?
We're not trying to measure tenths here. Just much more accurate and repeatable adjustment of any given machinery's fence.
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