Looking For A LEIGH FMT Experienced USER

I've been working on an illustrated comparison of the LEIGH FMT and the Festool DOMINO - for what seems like FOREVER. Now that I've gotten familiar with SketchUp I finally have an adquate way to do the illustrations that hopefully will semi-clearly show the procedures - and what can go wrong - with using each of these "tools".
I have, and have used, the Festool DOMINO, on REal World projects - but have no connection with Festool or any of their dealers. I paid List Price for the DOMINO - and its accessories.
I had, and used, the TREND M&T Jig which works much like the FMT, albeit not as precisely, or easily. So I have some familiarity with how the FMT works - and what can go wrong using a jig like the TREND M& T and LEIGH FMT router based jig.
Having disclosed my potential personal bias - I want to make a comparison that's objective - in hopes that it will help a woodworker make a purchasing decision since both "tools" are pricey.
With that out of the way, I'm looking for an EXPERIENCED FMT USER (not just an owner who has used it a couple of times) to go through what I've put together so far - and give me some feedback on this stuff - noting things that are wrong, things that aren't included that should be and suggestions on how to improve the comparison.
Here's a link to the first page of the comparison. (watch the Line Wrap)
Any volunteers?
charlie b
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