Kitchen progress, doors and drawer fronts (w/pics)

Afternoon All,
Here is a little update on the doors and drawer fronts for my parents kitchen,
An awkward cut, raising the end of a very long narrow panel. Used a roller stand.
Rasing the rest of the panels wwas much easier, expecially with the help of a power feeder,
I made two jigs for the cope cuts, one for each end of the rails. I just made the jig, I had been free handing copes with a push block for the last 5 years, this is *much* nicer,
I never thought a door could look so pretty, but here is a single door that is supposed to look like two. It will be the front for the pull out pantry, I took 10 different photos, but none really turned out to show just how nice the door looks. There is a 3/8" wide, 3/16" deep dado in the centre of the middle rail to divide the doors.
A couple of drawer fronts in clamps. Notice the one odd door, that is the front for the lazy susan (full height of undercounter cabinet). I will run a dado from side to side in it to make it look like a seperate drawer front and cupboard door.
Now for the other bazzilion panels I have to make...
Every neighbourhood has one, in mine, I'm him.
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Nice work ! But I'm wondering if you using that long of a single panel was a wise thing. When I did my SIL kitchen cabinets, I had three 7' long panels to make for a cabinet (2 for the door fronts, 1 for the side panel all about 12" wide)). Everything I read suggested that the panels be no longer than 4' to reduce the possibility of twisting. The added rail (somewhere around the mid point) also provides additional torsional stability.
I had 40 doors to make and no where near enough clamps. Took about a week of evenings to get everything thru glue-up. Be sure to sticker them when you stack them up for storage or they will dry unevenly (warp).
See you've added a few toy's to the shop too - nice drive by on the power-feed....
Bob S.

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