Just Rambling Along....

Got tired of looking for a good used planer, so I purchased/ordered a new Delta 22-790X with the mobile base. It's backordered, so I won't get it until mid June. I requested a $200 rebate, in place of the $100, for the delay in delivery, since they had confirmed it was in stock when I ordered it.
This morning, I ordered the set of Super-Hard cabinet scrapers from LeeValley. I've been using home-made scrapers, made from an old hand saw blade. They worked well, but seemed to dull fast, so I'll see how these Supre-Hard scrapers compare.
Let's see... if I'm planing cherry boards, with my jointer, and I raise one blade higher than the other two, so that I get a touch of snipe every inch or so, will that produce tiger cherry?
Almost all the parts for my entertainment center is formed-up and I'm in the process of assembly. It may be finished by the time the planer gets here.
Last year, I reroofed the back half of the shop (previously the rent house next door). Plans and material assembly, for doing the front half, is in the works. I want to remodel the garage, also, to accommodate the planer and jointer... get those tools into that section of the shop for easier handling of the shavings and long boards, outfeed stands, etc. I'd like to get this done before the planer gets here.
And the vegetable garden is up and looking good.
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