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I am wrapping up a bedroom remodel and have yet to build the passage and two closet doors. I am building rather than buying because I would like them to match the rest of the (1860 vintage) house.
These are four (flat) panel doors with a simple shaker-like bevel surrounding each panel. The center and lower rails are about 8-inches wide. The center rail meets the stiles with a twin through tennon rather than a single tennon.
I have always designed wide rails with a single tennon, pinned in the center with unglued "stubs" that sit in the panel groove to mitigate any potential cup or twist.
While I suspect that the wider stance of twin tennons would do a better job of controlling overall wracking of the door frame, I would think that the crossgrain implications would not fare much better than a single full width tennon. That is, shrinkage could cause the center rail to split.
Is there some other compelling reason to use a twin-tennon design? And does the availability of modern glues change what makes sense today vs. the original design?
Segue into question 2: Should I avoid regular yellow glue because of "creep"? The door, being constructed of ash will be fairly heavy and enjoy significant racking forces from gravity. The through tennons will be pinned, so perhaps it just doesn't matter.
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