Incra V27

Just spent last week working with a new Incra V27 miter gage and thought I would post my thoughts here for those who might be interested. Disclaimer; I don't work for Incra or Woodpecker.
Service was excellent from Woodpecker. I ordered it on a Tuesday and received it the same Friday. Cost was $61.51 including the freight.
The V27 seems to be an attempt to make a replacement for the standard miter gage (provided by the saw manufacturer) at about the same price. The V27 is the low end miter gage from Incra and as such does have it's limitations. The Gage comes with a 6" fence and a 16" bar. The bar does have 4 expansion rings to adjust to your miter slot. Unlike Incra's other models these push the bar to one side only. The bar also has a removable T-clip for slotted miter channels. We have 2 Delta Contractor saws on the job and oddly enough the T-clip would fit easily into the newest one (about a year old) but needed significant filing to fit into the slot on the 4 year old model. The fence is independent of the protractor so squaring to the blade is quick and very simple. The protractor is only notched at every 5 degrees (with an extra notch at 22 1/2) and has an indexing finger that locks into the notches. Unlike Incra's other models, the protractor will only turn to a hair over 60 degrees.
I spent the last two days cutting casing for about 30 doors with the Incra. It worked great and the angles were very good. On the occasion that I did need to make a correction to the angle there was no problem since the indexing finger can be locked out of the way.
There are a few things that are different enough that I am getting used to. The bar seems short to me. The Incra bar is 2" shorter that my standard bar and then you lose some because the indexing finger sits on the bar behind the protractor. It hasn't created any problem so maybe I'll get used to it. The fence is only 6" so I needed to add an auxiliary fence to it. It is slotted for this purpose so I used an 8" piece of oak. I think the factory fence could be a little longer just because the protractor (6 3/4") is wider than the fence. I see no reason for the protractor to hang beyond the side of the fence. You can buy one of Incra's optional fences if you need something 18" long. The biggest limitation of the gage is that repeatability of any angle, other than those that are notched, takes a little guess work. The gage is notched (as stated above) and also has a label applied to the protractor marked at 1 degree increments. The only pointer you have is the indexing finger that fits into the notches. As soon as you pull that finger out of the slot it no longer points to the same place. If you need to repeat say 33 degrees, it's a little tricky.
If you want to use a longer 18" fence you should probably go ahead and buy the Incra 1000 since the added cost of the fence gets you pretty close to the cost of the 1000 which includes the fence. The 1000 also does not have the limitations of the protractor that are evident on the V27.
My conclusion is that, even with it's limitations, this gage is better than the standard gages offered with most saws. If you need a replacement, for about the same money, go ahead and buy the V27. Or, if you need a second gage for a band saw or router table the V27 may be an affordable option. If you want a significantly better gage and don't mind spending a little more, you might consider one of the higher end Incras.
Your mileage may vary.....
Mike O.
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