GLOAT: Delta jointer

I'm not actually the gloater in this tale, more like the gloat enabler.
I was perusing the clearance tables at the Blue Borg, and underneath the table was a Delta JT360 jointer. This is the 6" Shopmaster, with open stand and lever adjustments. It's normally $349 at Lowes and Amazon:
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The box was open, but everything inside was still wrapped in plastic. Oh, and it was marked $200!
I was flat broke, so I called a buddy to tell him about it. This was an hour before the store closed, so he didn't come right then. I was in the store the next day, and noticed it was gone. I turned my head, and there was my buddy at the checkout, with a big grin on his face.
I was glad one of us got it before the thievin' bastards who always steal my gloat thunder right before I get there. And now I can hit him up when I need to joint some lumber. :-)
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