Credenza Furniture Lesson

Some time ago I bought a brand new Credenza office desk. The Credenza desk was nice, but still, I was not happy with it. The problem was that it didn't suit my needs - my own mistake I know. I have learned my lesson now; I should have analyzed my needs before I went out and bought the first and best Credenza office desk that I thought looked nice.
I had purchased a piece of furniture resembling a desk. It had a writing surface and drawer storage as any desk would have; it was just a desk.
Build a Credenza office desk
After my buying mistake I thought about designing and building my own desk for a long time. I did search after search on the internet for blueprints, help and information, anything that could guide me in the project.
Your Credenza needs
If the desk that you want is not made, you need a fully customized unit, and you might have to build it your self.
Let's go back to square one. What are the functions that you expect the desk to serve? Does it need to be large or small? And your office chair; it's not mated for life with office furniture. Is the chair suitable anymore for your needs? Your arms and legs are only so long. And the work surface; how deep and wide does it have to be? Too deep or too wide will waste space in the room. Do you need a credenza bookshelf behind the office desk to contain reference material?
Productivity and Credenza
The list can vary from person to person. But it's clear that you need to think about what you want before you either build or buy a Credenza office desk or Credenza bookshelf.
I myself found a Credenza office desk that suited my needs; so I didn't have to build it myself. And I am very happy with it; when the stuff you need for you daily work is placed properly your productivity is way better than if everything is chaos.
Final word on Credenza
If you are in doubt whether you should install a complete Credenza office with furniture's: desk, bookshelves, etc. - don't be. Your performance really benefit from it, and the quality in your work will improve. And finally, it looks great.
Thank you for you time.
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