Cheap HF trim saw query

Folks -
I find myself needing a trim saw, and other than for a specific project, don't know how much use it'll get - read this as I don't want to drop large coin here..... Do any of you have either of these HF cordless trim saws? I have to remove a portion of a wooden ceiling and will be working overhead.... perhaps in more than one way... hehehe... Having something light and easy to use is pretty high on the list...
Anyway HF has two saws, a 6 1/2" and a 5 3/8 Both'll cut a 2x4 at 90, tho the smaller one will JUST do it... but the smaller saw won't cut deep enough at 45 to cut 2x stock...
I only see using the saw to cut the boards out of the ceiling and perhaps around the shop.... So most of the time I'd be cutting 4/4....
Both saws are priced at 70 bucks. An extra 18v battery is 30 bucks. The larger saw has a 5/8 arbor, while the smaller one has 10mm... would the smaller saw be difficult to find a blade for... think would it be in stock a the BORG or a borgian equivalent?
By comparison, A 18v DeWalt is $230, the 12 v is 160... I expect spare batteries would be 50 bucks or better...
Here's HF's 6" saw...
The 5 3/8
And finally, here's what they are getting for a 12V 5 3/8 DeWalt
So I can get either saw and a spare battery for a bit over a hundred...... Gimme your shots!
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