Who wanted O rings?

Thing was, the 2 sizes I wanted were all gone, and all the other sizes were full!
I did get a couple of packs of 5 from Wilkinsons for 69p or something. They do 2 assorted packs. The 2 I wanted were in separate packs. I have 8 useless O rings somewhere.
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Bob Smith
They cant be useless,at sometime you'll want them... as you wanted the 2 in seperate packs. :-)
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On Mon, 15 Oct 2007 21:04:58 GMT, "George" wrote:
Just as they start to perish...
The problem is where/how/whether to store all these miscellaneous bits 'n' pieces - 'O'-rings, spare motor brushes, clampy things for the innards of washing machines, spare PP3 batteries when you buy two in a blister-pack and only want one et.al.
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Frank Erskine

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