Doorbell randomly rings

Ok doorbell started randomly ringing every so often and chime box buzzes and
hums off and on (old house regular wired doorbell) so I figured the button was
bad..,I went out and disconnected the button to make it stop until I can
purchase a new one and replace it only to find that it is still randomly ringing
and buzzing even with the doorbell disconnected please HELP now I have no idea
what is causing it or how to fix it
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Rebecca Blaha
Shut the power off first, of course. Disconnect the wires between the chime and the button. It might be a short in that wiring. See what happens.
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Dean Hoffman
Uhhhhh ... neighbor kids?
Otherwise, follow Dean's suggestions.
If you find a burning paper bag on your door step, don't stomp it out.
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On Sun, 4 Feb 2018 21:42:55 -0600, Dean Hoffman wrote:
I had that happen on a door frame with aluminum trim, and the old cloth coated wires. The insulation was frayed where the wires exited the door frame behind the button and was touching the aluminum trim.
If you suspect this be the case, slide some heat shrink tubing over the wires in that location. You dont need to heat the part inside the wall, just heat the part sticking out of the frame with a hair dryer or heat gun.
There could also be a defect in the bell itself. But disconnect the wires that go to the door buttons first.
You did not mention if there is a button by TWO doors. If there is, check that other button too.
Doorbell wiring is not difficult or complicated, and the parts are not expensive. Replacing all the parts could be the quickest fix. (The transformer is probably ok, or it would not ring at all).
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I've seen that happen before. It was due to the cheaply made buttons where the contacts loose (or never had) temper. I'd start there, but others had good ideas too.
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Art Todesco
I had a similar problem. Front doorbell (wired) was ringing at random times, including 4 in the morning. Spooky. Turns out the two wires on the back of the doorbell button had been shorting out on the foil backed insulation inside the door jam. Cleaned out the foil and wrapped the wires in electrical tape. Problem solved, spooks gone!
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