Cutting a lot of bits of metal without getting RSI

Putting up bookshelves - 5.5 metres wide, by 2.1 metres high. Decided
to go down the slots and brackets route - by the way, don't buy at B&Q
- each 1.4m slotted rail was =A310, whereas a pack of =A310 was only about
=A315 or something at Screwfix.
Anyhoot, the problem is the brackets. The smallest Screwfix offered
was 220mm, but I really only need about 150mm. So I'm looking for a
way of cutting the ends off these suckers. Trouble is, there are
about 80 or 90 of them so a hacksaw is NOT the way I'd like to go.
They're made of steel, quite rigid. Does anyone have any
suggestions? I guess I could try to find a metalwork shop somewhere
but they're not exactly thick on the ground in Cheltenham (as far as I
know). Is there a power tool that I could hire to do it?
Many thanks
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An angle grinder with a metal cutting disk. Don't forget to use good goggles.
Sit down with elbows on knees and chop off till done, just make sure that the sparks go away from you and do this outside over grass.
Alternatively, if you visit your local market, you might find there is a device available to mount the angle grinder so that it is turned into a chop saw. You might also find the cheepo angle grinder there as well. Make sure you get the goggles.
Buy a cheepo £15-00 angle grinder and you will chop the ends off very quickly. When I worked at the school, I took the legs off some (3 classrooms) old chairs and tables in a couple of hours.
Don't forget the goggles.
You can file off the rough bit afterwards quite easily.
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If you have 'twin slot' uprights, the smallest brackets are 120mm which should be fine.
Wilko do them in white and granite, Wickes do them in white, granite and IIRC silver.
Managed to google a catalogue for them:
cheers, Pete.
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Pete C
Be careful because they are not all the same. Some have longer slots than others and the brackets for these don't fit the uprights with the shorter slots.
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Andy Hall
There are a few in Cheltenham. I can give you two. One down Knightsbridge Green and the other I can give you his mobile if you p.m me
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You could:
a) Buy smaller brackets elsewhere
b) Hire or buy a cut off saw like:
formatting link
use an angle grinder in a base like:
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John Rumm

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