Where to buy solvent for acrylic?

I've recently removed the panel from under our corner bath and cracked
it across the top edge. Unfortunately the bath had settled down since
the panel was first installed (probably in '94) not to mention it's
probably more brittle than it was. Does anyone know of a commercially
available acrylic solvent I could use to fix the cracked panel?
I've managed to polish out the photodegraded colour where the panel
has been exposed to daylight (wonderful stuff metal polish) but now
need to effect a repair before I replace it.
I know methylene chloride, (MDC) is a suitable solvent and can be used
very thin to get into the cracks by capillary action but was wondering
if anyone knows where I can get my hands on some (or an equivalent
Many Thanks,
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Trojan Hussar
The pukka solvent for acrylics is Chloroform I suspect you might not be able to get it.
Is the bath panel just a thin shell, if so a butt joint using solvent won't have much strength
I've done similar repairs before by using fibreglass mat and resin on the back.
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Derek Geldard

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