where to buy basin taps

i've been looking at mixer taps in b&q - expensive, cost more than basin.
can't understand why. is there anywhere that sells cheaper?
also do the ones which have a single lever to lift, allow you to alter flow
of water. i can see that moving lever one side to other would change
proportion of hot to cold. lifting lever turns on tap. but how do you
control flow - if you only want a trickle do you lift lever up only a
little? some look like you couldn't lift them up much?
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Plumbers merchants have a good supply of taps in stock.They do serve the 'public' mostly. Screwfix keep a good range as well, some very cheap, some reasonably priced, and some a little expensive.
I was in B+Q today to buy a ladder (they were the cheapest for this ladder), and had a look at their plumbing range while there. I was surprised at how much things are there. Obviously the general public dont know what the price of bits are from a trade outlet, but B+Q are more than double the price for many things - a 15mm isloator valve is £3.99, or 10 for £13.98. The same item is £7.19 for 10 at Screwfix, maybe a little less at a Plumbers merchant. Their showers are well overpriced too. I'll be getting one later this week, via ebay, but it is a proper shop, who have an ebay outlet - £150 for the shower enclosure complete. Just the enclosure without tray is £280 at B+Q. Also, try ebay for your taps - some bargains there if you can wait a while for delivery.
Yes, to your query about single hole taps.Lift up/down to increase/decrease flow, twist left and right for hot/cold. Alan.
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In message , david writes
I got a set from the 'casualty' section of our local MFI. It was a customer return, a washer was missing from the tap jumper, and cost 5 quid. Normal price was near £80.
Yes, you are correct in the operation of the monolever taps
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Try Lidl/Aldi they often have such on special offer. They had kitchen mixers and shower mixer on special a couple of weeks ago. Last week they had some small washbasins in and I would assume some taps for them.
Up/down for on off - set for as much or as little as you want, back and forth to set the actual hot /cold mix. They work better when pressure of both hot and cold supplies are equal. Ours are not, but they work reasonably well despite the difference - but it depends who makes them and their internal design.
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Harry Bloomfield
"david" wrote
i've been looking at mixer taps in b&q - expensive, cost more than basin.
Thanks to Andy Hall, I recently looked at (and bought) a Hansgrohe mixer for downstairs WC. This came from a local kitchen and bathroom centre. From memory it was around £70, after the old "what's your best price" line - the shop price was £89. At £70 this is good value for the quality compared to B&Q or local PMs. They all wanted £100-120 minimum. So find what you want on the web, then shop around locally.
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Erm; that'd be _today_ ='Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 19:24:16 +0000'? Which 'Plumbers' Merhcnats' in you vicinity were open on Sunday 30 Dec?
Well fancy that! How do you explain why the other outlets you contrasted B&Q pricing with charge more (allegedly)?
Having found one open on Sunday ....
When, coincidentally, I too, was in B&Q yesterday I noticed that deep discounting is being offered on bathroom and kitchen equipment ... which prices are you commenting on? The 'display price' or what one pays at the check-out.
The philosphy of B&Qm and similar outlets, is _see it_ , buy it ; walk out with it; and install it (D_I_Y). Finding 'bargains' by waiting awhile for delivery, is not their retail philosphy so your comparisons are meaningless.
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Brian Sharrock
Where was 'buying on Sunday ever mentioned in the OP?
As B+Q were doing them at £50 reduced from 60, - everywhere else I tried had them at £60. WTF would I know why they were cheaper for this item?
I looked at the plumbing section as I wanted 10 iso valves. If they were £2 or £3 more, I would have got them, but ~£7 more is too much. So I went to Screwfix, who do open on Sundays, and in general, are very reasonably priced for their plumbing consumables.
Comparing a priced up shower at around £400 in B+Q, there is no way they will discount it to £150, which is what I'll be paying for exactly the same shower.They were offering up to 30% off, but that is still too much when I can drive for 40 miles and get one from another shop.
Got out of bed the worng side today? The OP was asking for somewhere to buy taps. There was no mention of wanting them immediately, so ebay was mentioned, as there are some bargains to be had. Alan.
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