washing machine leak sealant

Having disasembled the drum of my electrolux washing machine (to replace drum
bearings, on re-assembly, the connection from the drum to the pressure
switches has started leaking. This is like a 25mm rubber (or similar) grommet
with a foam separator attached, to which is attached the thin pipe to the
pressure switches. I've removed the 'grommet' from the hole in the drum and
cleaned the surfaces, and am considering how to guarantee (FSVO) leaks from
the (elderly and probably hardened) grommet. Three thoughts are
1: rubber solution (cycle repair kit)
2: Fernox LSX
2: Silicone glazing sealant
I don't want a reaction between the grommet and the sealant causing it to
Which (or what else) would the assembled expertise recommend?
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On 20 Oct,
I've sealed it with LS-X, It worked. It seems very similar to (probably is -- slight acetic smell) silicone.
Got it all assembled and tested it. Worked fine except for a /different/ water leak, I hadn't the door gasket on properly!
Having a break and cup of tea before final (I hope) reassembly.
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