saving electriciity not gas

Hi, all you read about and hear about is saving energy. But what is this
energy? Electricity. There are monitor devices that tell you how much
electricity you are using etc. but nothing that tells you how much gas you
are using. You can buy numerous devices to monitor electricity usage but is
there anything that monitors gas usage?
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As an aside, I suspect there are no dedicated devices because a) it'd be difficult and dangerous to make such a device and ensure people fitted it properly, b) there are generally only two gas consuming things in the house - the heating and the cooker. You can tell if the heating's enough, and you can hardly save on the cooker, and c) electricity is generated from gas, and IIRC generation is about 50% efficient, so using up electricity for no reason is a lot more expensive (and a lot less obvious) than using a load of gas.
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In article ,
Your gas bill?
Gas tends to be used only for essential things like heating and cooking. So pretty obvious how to make savings. You turn down the heating.
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Dave Plowman (News)
Unless you live in york (sorry I couldn't find a text version of the story, just the video version)
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Andy Burns
Its easy to save cooking energy, did it many years ago. First cook with lids on and flame right down. Second stack the pans so a second item gets the heat lost from the first. These 2 alone can easily cut energy use down by a factor of 10.
Also not hard to save CH gas by insulating, secondary glazing etc
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It's amazing how useless some of the comments that are that have been posted such as "your gas meter". This is true. However, in my situation I would have to keep going outside to open the door to the meter box and look at what the meter is saying. Not very convenient and not an easy way to get that instantanious readout in the comfort of your own home.
If you are lucky, your gas meter will have a meter pulse output connector hidden away behind a yellow cover. You could then connet up a remote display counter such as this
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will have to scroll down a bit to find it.
I wouldn't advise playing with your gas meter without asking your gas supplyer first.
However a non invasive infrared diode placed over the front of the meter dial could be a way to proceed.
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that helps
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Rob Horton
On Mon, 22 Oct 2007 10:39:39 +0100 someone who may be Rob Horton wrote this:-
These two sentences seem a little confused.
That does not mean that the comment to observe the gas meter is useless, only that it involves getting off one's backside.
backside for many people, though I'm sure some will find the information useful.
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David Hansen

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