washers advice on new bath kit

I've got this new bath kit - drain and overflow, but i'm not sure
which washers go where
(there's no instruction sheet)
I've got two small black thin rubber washers, one large black rubber
one, and a white "felt" one.
so which washer goes where?
here's a pic:
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Is the thick one moulded to match the white "overflow" bit? Never come across felt on one of these, but it might be be OK on the underside of the waste nut against a ceramic sink (to cope with rough surfaces) given a liberal coating of silicone or other sealant. Have a think about the leakage paths. The thin washers probably go on the "wet" side. Plenty of silicone!
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the plug and behind the overflow. The thinner ones sit under the bezels that go inside the bath. I usually put a layer of silicone grease on them before tightening since it makes them easier to do up, and helps make a watertight seal.
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John Rumm

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