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Hello there,
can anyone recommend a decent vacuum cleaner (cylinder one)? Do you
know any useful and recent test/comparison made by some consumers
association reporting the best buy ?
Thanks for your suggestions!
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for Italy's version of our 'consumer association'.
Products recommended in a UK group (or misc.consumers.frugal-living where a broom would be suggested [1]) would not necessarily be distributed in your country.
FWIW, the 'henry' from Numatic has a good following here.
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- only kidding folks... ;-)
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Adrian C
So that's a positive recommendation, then! Which? are notoriously flaky...whereas many people find it good value and efficient and reliable.
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Bob Eager
If you have £160 or so, then the mid range Miele's outstrip anything else. Period.
If you have only £100, then get a Henry.
Don't bother with anything else.
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Regardless of what Which might say, Henry is the best selling vac in the UK comercial cleaning market by a huge margin. Cleaning contractors don't ask for 'vacuums' or 'hoovers' they ask for 'Henrys'. Daily office cleaning is the toughest sector of the small dry vac market and the Numatic Henry & varients have totaly dominated it for the last 20 years.
Every major multi national manufacturer in the world has tried to better Henry & pals and failed miserably.
There is a very good reason for this........
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The Medway Handyman
But what is that? Is it really beyond the wit of vacuum cleaner designers to take one of the cheaper products on the market and make something comparably good? Yet no-one seems capable of it. Henry isn't earth-shatteringly good in some peculiar manner, but no other maker seems to get anywhere close to it. Dyson charge an arm and a leg, but they can't even make a reliable mains flex!
Mind you, I'd spend the few extra quid and get the even better steel-cased Henry instead, the NVQ250 (they ought to call it "Ron")
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Andy Dingley
I don't think that's true - the latest report seems to be April which doesn't have such a rating for Henry. Do you have a reference?
Although it has to be said there is a design fault somewhere in the machine which stops the reduced power setting from working properly after a (short) time.
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Chris Game
Why not.
You can buy robotic vacuum cleaners that are self learning and do it for you. The newer models can be set to clean on certain days and automatically go back to the base station for recharging when they need to. The lazy bastards do not do stairs though, you have to leave that to the wife.
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