Anyone know where I might find a urinal for installation at home.
i saw some at gentoworks.co.uk but not much I fancy
I didn't realise finding the right pee pot was so hard.
Budget of £300 + whatever plumber would charge to fit
How cool I get rid of the down stairs toilet and get a urinal, I'll drink
loads of beer just to tinkle of 30 mins :)
The novelty might wear off nah not likely :)
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Almost certainly, I'd have thought!
I can almost see the attraction of fitting one in an household of all-males, who have no female friends or relatives, and where there might not be room for a conventional toliet - but what on earth would be the point of removing an existing loo for this?
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In article ,=20 Lobster says...
I'm surprised urinals aren't more popular. It is=20 increasingly common for houses to have bidets fitted so why=20 not a urinal too? - If there is space. --=20 David in Normandy
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David in Normandy
In article , "James" writes:
Aston Matthews in Essex Road, Islington had an interesting one when I browsed around their shop a couple of years back. It was a urinal with a wash hand basin on the top, which flushed the urinal.
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Andrew Gabriel
The message from Lobster contains these words:
American females under 30 frequently urinate standing :-)
German males are not normally permitted to urinate in domestic toilets from a standing position :-(
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Any local plumber's merchant should be able to order one. Apparently they used to be quite commmon in eg billiard rooms in country houses.
Would sir like china or stainless steel?
I've heard of people trying to recreate a pub atmosphere at home, but putting a condom machine in the under-stairs cludgie is going a bit far!
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Not very likely to sell up in the near or far future.
I have a spare bathroom with a walk in shower just put in (solely for me) as when I get in from work I'm a bit messy. So I kind of designing it as I got along. Done the tiling, shower, counter, mirror, extractor, flooring. just needs a urinal and a heated tower rail :)
You may be wondering why the hell well, this room was unusued and we just slung whatever in there till I reclaimed it as my island so I thought I'd stamp my personal touch on it and be a bit different. Besides I hate lifting the seat up for the rest of the family and putting it down ... it'd be nice to just walk in and out ... off course washing my hands :)
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In article , Lobster says...
I'm surprised urinals aren't more popular. It is increasingly common for houses to have bidets fitted so why not a urinal too? - If there is space.
At last someone standing with me on this :) lol.
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Interesting ... just saw one .. bog standard pardon the pun but has a dim red led for nightime visits! how cool is that.
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Stainless stell unless china comes with prawn crackers.
Thats a good idea :) ... but my wife might get suspicious lol
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There must be a sink in there, that way you can save time by doing it while you're brushing your teeth.
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I think we are all with you on this.
I'll drink to that.
Just a minute ...
That's better.
Proper Builders Merchants used to stock them, around here it was UBM Rycroft. They seem to have gone.
But for sure they are available. Most probably you need to find a professional building / janitorial supplier. Don't be too concerned, I've no doubt they'll be more then happy to take your money.
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Derek Geldard
Oi I never said you could use my toilet that would be 20p sir and 20p for that aftershave you nicked :)
That beer goes right through hehe
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Ah you need a She-Pee one
formatting link
was looking for something quite different and come! across this, honest :) -
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